Florence + the Machine | Live at T in the Park 2010 & 2012

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Sara : umm… I apologize, i have a bit of a, i have a, like i lost my voice a bit, so i generally make a tease and i say that i sort of look a little bit like Justin Bieber with this haircut and umm… *crowd cheers*
Tegan : just a little bit, a little bit.
Sara : now it’s really gone from like a parody to sort of like, i’m really going through puberty, so I apologize for my…
Tegan : I think it sounds nice, it’s really low and the timber is very, dare i say, sexy. *crowd cheers* I wish i hadn’t.
Sara : oh, damn
Tegan : it’s disgusting…
Sara : umm… anyways *nervous chuckle*
x Tegan saying Sara’s broken voice is sexy (via saraismyquin)

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capitalism is bad in theory and a crime against humanity in practice

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